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[Boston Globe, November 29, 1900]


      On the threshold of the twentieth century, will you please send through the Globe to the people of New England, which is the birthplace of Thanksgiving Day, a sentiment on what the last Thanksgiving Day of the nineteenth century should signify to all mankind?

Mrs. Eddy’s Response

     New England’s last Thanksgiving Day of this century signifies to the minds of men the Bible better understood and Truth and Love made more practical; the First Commandment of the Decalogue more imperative, and “Love thy neighbor as thyself” more possible and pleasurable.

     It signifies that love, unselfed, knocks more loudly than ever before at the heart of humanity and that it finds admittance; that revelation, spiritual voice and vision, are less subordinate to material sight and sound and more apparent to reason; that evil flourishes less, invests less in trusts, loses capital, and is bought at par value; that the Christ-spirit will cleanse the earth of human gore; that civilization, peace between nations, and the brotherhood of man should be established, and justice plead not vainly in behalf of the sacred rights of individuals, peoples, and nations.  (Eddy, Mary Baker, The First Church Of Christ, Scientist and Miscellany, p. 264:7-265:13)

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      Beloved Students: – May this, your first Thanksgiving Day, according to time-tables, in our new church edifice, be one acceptable in His sight, and full of love, peace, and good will for yourselves, your flock, and the race. Give to all the dear ones my love, and my prayer for their health, happiness, and holiness this and every day.   (Eddy, Mary Baker, The First Church Of Christ, Scientist and Miscellany, p.167:14-21)

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Thanksgiving Day – 2

      And the baby! Why, he made a big hole, with two incisors, in a big pippin, and bit the finger presumptuously poked into the little mouth to arrest the peel! Then he was caught walking! one, two, three steps, – and papa knew that he could walk, but grandpa was taken napping. Now! baby has tumbled, soft as thistle-down, on the floor; and instead of a real set-to at crying, a look of cheer and a toy from mamma bring the soft little palms patting together, and pucker the rosebud mouth into saying, “Oh, pretty!” That was a scientific baby; and his first sitting-at-table on Thanksgiving Day – yes, and his little rainbowy life – brought sunshine to every heart. How many homes echo such tones of heartfelt joy on Thanksgiving Day! But, alas! for the desolate home; for the tear-filled eyes looking longingly at the portal through which the loved one comes not, or gazing silently on the vacant seat at fireside and board – God comfort them all! we inwardly prayed – but the memory was too much; and, turning from it, in a bumper of pudding-sauce we drank to peace, and plenty, and happy households.  (Eddy, Mary Baker, Miscellaneous Writings, p.231:16-4)

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Thanksgiving Day – 1

      It was a beautiful group! needing but canvas and the touch of an artist to render it pathetic, tender, gorgeous. Age, on whose hoary head the almond-blossom formed a crown of glory; middle age, in smiles and the full fruition of happiness; infancy, exuberant with joy, – ranged side by side. The sober-suited grandmother, rich in experience, had seen sunshine and shadow fall upon ninety-six years. Four generations sat at that dinner-table. The rich viands made busy many appetites; but, what of the poor! Willingly – though I take no stock in spirit-rappings­ would I have had the table give a spiritual groan for the unfeasted ones.

     Under the skilful carving of the generous host, the mammoth turkey grew beautifully less. His was the glory to vie with guests in the dexterous use of knife and fork, until delicious pie, pudding, and fruit caused unconditional surrender.  (Eddy, Mary Baker, Miscellaneous Writings, p.230:26-15)

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 God of the rolling year! to Thee we raise

A nation’s holiest hymn in grateful praise!

Plenty and peace abound at Thy behest,

Yet wherefore this Thy love? Thou knowest best!


Thou who, impartial, blessings spreadst abroad,

Thou wisdom, Love, and Truth, – divinely God!

Who giveth joy and tears, conflict and rest,

Teaching us thus of Thee, who knowest best!


Ruler Supreme! to Thee we’ll meekly bow,

When we have learned of Truth what Thou doest now –

Why from this festive hour some dear lost guest

Bears hence its sunlit glow – Thou knowest best!


How have our honored dead fought on in gloom!

Peace her white wings will spread over their tomb;

Why waited their reward, triumph and rest,

Till molds the hero form? Thou knowest best!


Shades of our heroes! the Union now is one,

The star whose destiny none may outrun;

Tears of the bleeding slave poured on her breast,

When to be wiped away, Thou knowest best!


Thou who in the Christ hallowed its grief, –

0 meekest of mourners, while yet the chief, ­

Give to the pleading hearts comfort and rest,

In that benediction which knoweth best!   (Eddy, Mary Baker, Poems, p. 77:1-78:16)

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The following is the spiritual signification of the Lord’s Prayer:

Harmonious and eternal Principle of man,

Nameless and adorable Intelligence,

Spiritualize man;

Control the discords of matter with the harmony of Spirit.

Give us the understanding of God,

And Truth will destroy sickness, sin, and death, as it destroys the belief of intelligent matter,

And lead man into Soul, and deliver him from personal sense,

For God is Truth, Life, and Love forever.  (Eddy, Mary Baker, Science and Health, 1st ed., p.295)