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There is no Matter – 2

According to Christian Science, the first idolatrous claim of sin is, that matter exists; the second, that matter is substance; the third, that matter has intelligence; and the fourth, that matter, being so endowed, produces life and death.

Hence my conscientious position, in the denial of matter, rests on the fact that matter usurps the authority of God, Spirit; and the nature and character of matter, the antipode of Spirit, include all that denies and defies Spirit, in quantity or quality.  (Eddy, Mary Baker, Unity of Good, p.31:11-20)

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There is no Matter – 1

“God is a Spirit” (or, more accurately translated, “God is Spirit”), declares the Scripture (John iv. 24), “and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.”

If God is Spirit, and God is All, surely there can be no matter; for the divine All must be Spirit.

The tendency of Christianity is to spiritualize thought and action. The demonstrations of Jesus annulled the claims of matter, and overruled laws material as emphatically as they annihilated sin.  (Eddy, Mary Baker, Unity of Good, p, 31:1-10

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‘If God be for us, who can be against us?’  Sensuous, willful malpractice has no power to distract or confuse me so that I cannot perceive the Truth clearly; it can neither make me believe that I am suffering from old beliefs or poisons nor make me see its image, nor fear its mental argument.  No danger can befall, for everything is in God’s keeping.  Mary Baker Eddy,

(Oakes, Richard, Course In Divinity and General Collectanea, p.264)

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But here do you say, you “have taken away my Lord,” and “I know not where you have laid him,” I have lost my Maker and my own identity? Look away then from your body, and you will find them; let go the belief you live in matter, and you will grow as the bird that bursts from the ovum; personality will be swallowed up in the boundless Love that shadows forth man; and beauty, immortality, and blessedness, be the glorious proof of existence you recognize. This is not losing man nor robbing God, but finding yourself more blessed, as Principle than person, as God than man, as Soul than sense, and yourself and neighbor one.  (Eddy, Mary Baker, Science and Health, 1st ed., p.227)

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Reckoning ourself from the standpoint of Soul, instead of personal sense, we progress as spontaneously as light emits light: but reversing this order of science, in which man begins in the body, and looks there for both pain and pleasure, yea, for Life and for death, he retrogrades hourly, until he finally disappears in what is termed death. The evidence of personal sense, or Life in matter, is utterly reversed in science, wherein we learn there is neither a personal God nor a personal man.  (Eddy, Mary Baker, Science and Health, 1st ed., p.227)