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                         DEMONSTRATION (PRAYER) VS. HEALING (ARGUMENT) – 1

Lady Victoria (Murray) asked Mrs. Eddy how she healed the sick. Leaning back in her chair Mrs. Eddy smilingly said: ‘I will tell you. I heal the same way today as I did when I commenced, My original way was instantaneous. The students did not understand any more than an English scholar could understand a foreign language without learning it. They, therefore, put it into their language. The argument used in healing is simply tuning-up. If your violin is in tune it is unnecessary to tune it up. Keep your violin in tune.’ This last sentence was repeated quite imperatively and much emphasized. ‘There is no disease,’ she continued. ‘If I dream there is a table in place of that chair that is only a belief. The patient believes it, he does not feel it. God is All, and God is infinite, precludes all else. Keep your violin in tune.’ (Woodhead, B. Tatham, An Historical Sketch of the Beginnings of Christian Science in Lancashire and the North of England, and the Early Days of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Manchester, Queens Press,


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