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True Scientific Healing – 17 

     The ancient worthies caught glorious glimpses of the Messiah or Christ, and their truer sense of Christ baptized them in Spirit — submerged them in a sense so pure it made seers of men, and Christian healers. This is the “Spirit of life in Christ Jesus,” spoken of by St. Paul. It is also the mysticism complained of by the rabbis, who crucified Jesus and called him a “deceiver.” Yea, it is the healing power of Truth that is persecuted to-day, the spirit of divine Love, and Christ Jesus possessed it, practised it, and taught his followers to do likewise. This spirit of God is made manifest in the flesh, healing and saving men, — it is the Christ, Comforter, “which taketh away the sin of the world;” and yet Christ is rejected of men!  (Eddy, Mary Baker, Message to the Mother Church 1901, p.9:6-18)

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