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OUR PLACE – 2    

 If this were understood, many warfares would cease; envy and jealousy be exchanged for the peaceful gleams of joy and grati­tude, and, mingling with the light of love, would bring to man new health and happiness, — yea, Life immortal.

     We never see the stars vieing for each other’s places, nor the sun and moon at variance; nor have we seen a Paul take Peter’s place, or John the place of our Master, or vice versa. Each fills its own, her own, his own place, whether they have knowledge of it or not; and I, for one, would be content in the sweet consciousness that I have a place with Thee, eternal Love, and however grand or great, humble or small, I am of Thy crea­tion; therefore Thine.  Mary Baker Eddy

(Carpenter, Gilbert, Essays On Christian Science, p.78)

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