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The error is to think one believes what one does not, and under- stands what one does not, and then to console one’s self with this self-deceived state of thought.  We have no possible proof that the state of our thought is right unless the effect of the state of thought produces the right result on the patient.  Human reason or human imagination is as material as pain.  Reasoning or reverie is as erroneous when treating the sick as a sensation of fever would be. The spiritual attitude and altitude gained is the measure of success in healing.  Human love can be mistaken; if it is divine, it removes fear and heals quickly.  If it is human and yet not at all impure, it does not heal.  I name these deep points in metaphysics to show what are wheat and what are tares.  Mary Baker Eddy

(Oakes, Richard, Course In Divinity and general Collectanea, p.270)

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