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     This reckoning between the mate­rial and spiritual to decide what is Truth and what is error, or what is out of matter in Science, or what is in matter which is belief — is just what today is agitating the globe, and that very controversy which Truth, through the man Jesus, held of old with the priest and doctors. The Christ of theology is an offi­cial personality. From this error of belief first arose the creed of Romanism which instituted a pope to pardon sin, naturally supposing that if Jesus, who was a man, forgave sin, so might another man forgive sin also. Herein we see that the one fatal mistake which has destroyed the understanding of what Christ is, was a matter idea throughout, first with the Jews and ever there­after with all religious sects, taking the letter instead of the spirit of the Word.  Mary Baker Eddy  (Carpenter, Gilbert, Essays On Christian Science, p.48)

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