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One day Mrs. Eddy was looking at the current issue of the Christian Science Journal, as I entered the room. She showed me several advertising cards of the practitioners, and pointed to their statements, Absent treatments a specialty,’ and the like. Then she said, ‘Just look at that! Students calling themselves Christian Scientists specializing in absent treatments! It’s all a lie of A.M. and can be one of the greatest obstructions to the worker.’ I asked her why she did not require them to stop publication of such cards, and she said, ‘All in time, dear. I must suffer it to be so now, but in God’s way they will be shown what to do. Meanwhile Mother must protect them for they know not what they do. They know so little, oh, so little!’   Mary Baker Eddy

(Oakes, Richard, Course In Divinity and General Collectanea, p.250)

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