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     The Jews thought that Christ, or Truth, was in matter when they crucified the body Jesus, and that they were at length rid of that troublesome Truth which healed the sick and cast out error, drawing multitudes to believe in it, even though they could not understand it; but because theirs was a belief instead of the understanding, while they called it of God, they interpreted it away from God, i.e., allowed its Principle in Science to remain untouched, and explained it only as what it seemed to them

     But even the malignant ones whose learning scorned a re­proof, and who thought they had hid Truth in a sepulchre because they had buried the matter belief there, learned to the contrary, when this same Truth could reveal itself again in Science with a body like unto the former one, which Science understood how to make, but which matter could not create.

     But to the personal senses, this Science was so obscure, they would not admit that Jesus was composed of flesh and bones as before, and called him a spirit, when there are in truth no spir­its but the spirits of good and evil.  Mary Baker Eddy   (Carpenter, Gilbert, Essays On Christian Science, p.48)

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