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     From what appears I fear you did not quite understand my few words of caution, so as to take the wise way of meeting all error, and therefore, I name this way:  Never address the person who errs by treating (him) mentally or treating yourself against it.  Never recognize the person in your argument.  You must not.  But take it up –  the error only – and never doctor the error much, but make yourself  so conscious of the opposite Truth, that the error disappears; e.g. know that nothing can come to you, or go from you, but what God sends, and therefore that no mortal mind can influence you, for only one Mind exists, and this is immortal Love.  Overcome the evil mind with good.  Never talk to it, or of it, but hold steadfastly to good, Love – and do not feel that any other power exists.  Mary Baker Eddy

(Oakes, Richard, Course In Divinity and General Collectanea, p.278)

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