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     We need not fear this Christianity, nor need we fear to lose material bread and intoxicating wine, as symbols of Christ, Truth, when we gain the spiritual sense of these in Christ, in the Truth, that cometh down from heaven, and the inspiration of Life pressed from the vine of which my Father is the Husbandman.  From this vine cometh the inspiration of Truth, that twineth its gentle tendrils around omnipotence and bears the first fruits of paradise.  Divine inspiration utters itself apart from all material sense of life, saying in the sweet simplicity of conscious Truth, “God is my Life, and when this shall appear I shall be like unto Him in glory.”

     Life and health are not dependent on matter, or material conditions; Mind is the only causation.  If we understood good, the original term for God, evil would have no power over us; then death could not come through sin, and Truth would rob the grave of its prey, and death of victory.   Mary Baker Eddy

(Carpenter, Gilbert, Fragments Gathered From Unpublished Items Ascribed to Mary Baker Eddy, p.29)

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