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            Visible money, whether in gold, silver, or paper denomina­tion, like the human body and all other visible objects, is merely thought objectified, manifestation. It is man in the gener­al sense; money is man in the general sense, man-i-festation. (The compound idea named man is un-in-telligent; it is a lifeless image and reflection of Principle or Soul, which is the Life, Intelligence and Substance of this idea. Science and Health, 1st edition, page 222). The human body is man (objectified), money is man (objectified); therefore, that which is objective or man, could not be the basis of anything. That which is unintelligent, mindless and lifeless, could not be the basis of actual life. So it can readily be seen that money is the god of this world thought (wrong thought). Why? Because man is the god of the world thought.  Mary Baker Eddy

(Carpenter, Gilbert, Essays On Christian Science, p.31

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