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            Now it is the claim of the world that money is its basis, and from this belief springs the old saying “money talks.” It claims everything. It says, “Without me you must die; you cannot pay your bills; you cannot eat; you cannot even clothe yourself; you cannot employ a doctor or practitioner; you cannot even employ a Christian Science teacher; you cannot obtain an educa­tion; you cannot even dare to die, for without me you cannot buy a shroud, a casket; you cannot even have a funeral.” These are some of the beliefs that the false belief regarding money puts forth. In order to become dead to all the claims — not subject to these claims — you must see money in the right sense or right light. Money is dead just the same as the human body. Money is unintelligent, mindless, lifeless; it exists only as an objecti­fied thing or expressed thought.  Mary Baker Eddy

(Carpenter, Gilbert, Essays On Christian Science, p.32)

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