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SUPPLY – 20 

            Inasmuch as I am a child of God, spiritual and not material I must be perfect. I am whole, I am free, I have all I need. I have no fear; I have no care; I have no anxiety for I live in Spirit, not in matter. I am in no danger; no one can deprive me of any good. I am without pain, disease or suffering for I am the perfect reflection of Life, Truth and Love. No condition of the body or the presence of anyone’s personality is essential to my happiness, for God and God alone is the spring of all my joy. I am never grieved nor disappointed. The harmony of my being is never broken, because I live in the infinite.  (Carpenter, Gilbert, Essays on Christian Science, p.31-34)  Mary Baker Eddy

(Carpenter, Gilbert, Essays On Christian Science, p.34)


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