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One of the most interesting experiences I had along this line with our Leader happened at Pleasant View. We were talking one day about food, and Mrs. Eddy expressed a wish to have some old fashioned spoon bread. I said nothing at the time, but next morning, with the permission of her cook, I made her some spoon bread as a surprise for her. She had it with her dinner, and was delighted with it. She sent for me and was very appreciative of what I had done. Naturally, I was pleased, having the feeling I had given her some little pleasure. But the following morning, she called me to her very early, and said, “My child, you did your Mother a great service yesterday, but today you must handle theosophy as though your life depended on it, for it does!”  Mary Baker Eddy

(Chanfrau, Henrietta, Reminiscences of Mary Baker Eddy, p.6)

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