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Another experience along this same line occurred while I was with our Leader in the summer. The Mayor of Concord sent Mrs. Eddy a quantity of fine strawberries. They were the finest strawberries I had ever seen before or since. Every one was just perfect, and they made a beautiful picture when they arrived at the house. Mrs. Sargent told Mrs. Eddy about them and wanted to show them to her, but she wasn’t interested to see them, and declined to have any. Consequently, that noon the cook served the household a wonderful strawberry shortcake. That afternoon someone told Mrs. Eddy about it, and she called the household together at once. She seemed very concerned and asked earnestly, “How many of you ate of those strawberries?” We all answered that we had. “Could you not see what the enemy is trying to accomplish? Now you are all touched with the animal magnetism trying to reach this house! Now turn your thoughts away and let me handle the work myself and alone from now till sunset, while you all correct your own thinking!”  Mary Baker Eddy

(Chanfrau, Henrietta, Reminiscences of Mary Baker Eddy, p.6)

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