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I was with Mrs. Eddy and in correspondence with her during the time of the attacks in the press, especially in the New York papers. She never complained about the misrepresentations where she was concerned, and her forbearance and forgiveness was a miracle to see. But her only concern was with the Cause. That concern was real and earnest, and she never allowed us to forget our responsibilities in that direction for a moment. But one night someone brought a copy of the newspaper from the Concord station. It was a late paper, and contained a perfectly awful attack on Mrs. Eddy by a New York publisher. The students were roused to see the way their dear Leader was vilified in print. Mrs. Sargent began to cry bitterly when she saw it. But just at that moment, Mrs. Eddy’s maid came and told her Mother wanted to see her. Mrs. Sargent went up to Mrs. Eddy’s room (our Leader had already retired for the night.) Afterward she told us that Mrs. Eddy, upon seeing her tear-stained face, detected the cause of the trouble at once. She said, “Have they finally reached you too, dear?” And Mrs. Sargent could hold back the tears no longer, because of the love Mrs. Eddy expressed for her. Then Mrs. Eddy handled the error right then and there. When Mrs. Sargent returned to us, she carried a slip of paper with these words on it in Mrs. Eddy’s handwriting: “To my Household. Dearest Students. Grieve not! Rise and handle the serpent – remove its fangs by removing the desire to attack. Truth prevails. Mind is All. Love is with you. Mother.”  Mary Baker Eddy   (Chanfrau, Henrietta, Reminiscences of Mary Baker Eddy, p.8)

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