The effect of this prayer is not reversed.

God, good, reigns; there is no other mind.             

Love reigns; there is no envy, no revenge.

All things are working together for good to those that love good.

We do love good, God, and He gives us all our thoughts, and governs all our acts.

The divine Life preserves our Life and health, and they cannot be taken from Christian Scien­tists, and Christian Scientists cannot be made sinful.

We love God and God loves us and is guiding us every moment.

This prayer cannot be reversed.

This prayer bears fruit after its own kind, it does good, and blesses us and all others.

(Charge them not to change, add to, or diminish this prayer. Something is out of tune. This will be a chord.)  Mary Baker Eddy

(Carpenter, Gilbert, Watches, Prayers and Arguments, p.22)

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Spirit is concord, matter discord. If it was understood that Life is Wisdom, Truth and Love, and not sickness, sin, and death, things of sense, man would be immortal, and spared the experience of sin. We find the so-called pleasures of sense nearly unknown in infancy, and well nigh lost in age; showing us at both extremities they are nothingness — things of belief alone.  (Eddy, Mary Baker, Science and Health, 1st ed., p.186)


Neither mesmerism, hypnotism, theosophy, esoteric magic nor wicked mental or audible arguments can affect me.  God governs me.  Justice, Truth, Love, governs us, and nothing else can or does affect us in the least.  (Thrice each day from one half to one hour)  Mary Baker Eddy   (Carpenter, Gilbert, Watches, Prayers and Arguments, p.33)


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Sickness, sin, and death are all that is mortal, and these come only from ignorance, that clings to personal sense and silences the voice of Soul; therefore science reveals the so-called pleasures or pains of personal sense, illusion, and that there is no sensation in matter; the opposite belief that denies this is not the utterance of man’s Principle, not the true tone, but the discord.  (Eddy, Mary Baker, Science and Health, 1st ed., p.185-186)


WATCH – I want you to take up the Watch every two hours as long as you live or until you can make the right side real to your consciousness.

     When I work for the weather, everybody wants fair weather, only they believe there will be bad weather, and I only have to overcome that belief; but when malice comes in and declares there shall be storms, then I have a task to overcome that.  Now make real to yourselves: there is no envy, malice, hate nor revenge.  God is Love and Love is All.  All is health and holiness.  There is no opposite.  Mary Baker Eddy   (Carpenter, Gilbert, Watches, Prayers and Arguments, p.10)

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The world would collapse without Intelligence and its idea; there is no chance for argument here, philosophy nor skepticism can change the scientific fact that God is and was; and that man, His reflex shadow is, and was forever. We find no diminution of happiness in learning we are Spirit and not matter, Soul and not body; but a vast increase of all that elevates, purifies, and blesses man.  (Eddy, Mary Baker, Science and Health, 1st ed., p.185)