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Now when there is the claim that the weather is sultry, handle it and you will see a breeze spring up; if it is cold, handle it; it is all in Mind ever the same, harmonious. God did not make sultry weather, etc.; then if we through belief have made it we must unmake it. When it looks like thunder and lightning, handle it; there is no sultry atmosphere to cause thunder and lightning. When I first came to Concord (before hypnotism and mesmerism joined hands to work upon me) there was no snow the first winter at all, and no thunder- storms the first year. When sultry I would close my eyes for a moment, then open them and the leaves would all be stirring; a breeze had sprung up. We make our own atmosphere. These things are easier to handle than sickness. I used to handle them until I forgot about it. Lately I have attended to the work and only kept above the effects. When Clara was here I would speak about the thunderstorms and she would work alone and they would all disappear. You can do this, and if you are not at first successful do not get discouraged; keep on trying. When you have the first indication – forestall it.  Mary Baker Eddy  (Oakes, Richard, Course in Divinity and General Collectanea, p.2-3)

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