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Once when Lydia Hall was with our Leader her bell rang calling her to come down to Mrs. Eddy’s room. When she got there Mrs. Eddy told her to arrange a doily on the table. Lydia did not think it needed arranging but she went through the motions and returned to her room. When she was first called she had been reading a newsy letter from home, and when she got back to her room she continued to read it. The bell rang again, and again Mrs. Eddy directed her to arrange the doily. As she went up the stairs she said under her breath, ‘The old fuss.’ Then when she reached her room she resumed reading the letter.
     The bell rang a third time. This time Mrs. Eddy said, ‘Lydia, did you say the old fuss?’ She said no, although in later years in relating the incident she said that was not true, but she was afraid to confess to Mrs. Eddy. This time after she returned to her room she did not resume reading the gossipy letter, but took up her copy of Science and Health and began to study it.
     The lesson of this incident was summed up in words which Mrs. Eddy used at the third time of calling: ‘Lydia, if when you are doing a thing your thought is not right, no matter how perfectly it is done outwardly, it is not done rightly.’   Mary Baker Eddy    (Oakes, Richard, Course In Divinity and General Collectanea, p.255-256)

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