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“Do you approve of the theatre?”

            “That is a delicate question.  Much of what is seen at the theatre is not to be approved of — only that which is elevating.  I say this, for many of the theatrical profession and dear good people, ‘stars’ even, are loyal Christian Scientists, but I must say what I have said.”

            “The opera?”

            “We love music; it is heard at all our services.  I would say the same of that as of the drama.  The lifting, elevating, bettering music we must love.  Where it is allied to the stage in ways not elevating, I cannot approve.

            “As to dress and adornments and fashions, all that goes to beautify life and make us more pleasing in the sight of man and God is to be approved, where it is not carried to vicious extremes.”  Mary Baker Eddy     (Carpenter, Gilbert, Fragments Gathered From Unpublished Items Ascribed to Mary Baker Eddy, p.71)

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