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Another day she asked us each what church we had been affiliated with before coming into Christian Science. When we all had answered, she turned to a blackboard and carefully drew a small circle. “That is the sum-total of all the churches under Old Theology,” she said. Then she drew another circle about the same size, near it but not touching the first, “That is all of you.” Then she drew a large circle embracing the two, and encompassing them, but not touching either of them. “And that is Christian Science,” she said. How easily she could have said of the large circle, “And that is I, Mrs. Eddy,” but she was always sharply aware of herself as the Discoverer of Science and always was strict in keeping herself personally away from the purity of Christian Science. She was the one who had brought Science, the Science was impersonal.  Mary Baker Eddy   (Chanfrau, Henrietta, Reminiscences of Mary Baker Eddy, p.3)

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