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When Mrs. Eddy was at work on the 50th Edition of Science and Health, she called me to Boston to handle some of the metaphysical work incident thereto. In company with other students, I spent days and nights in earnest prayer for the success of the undertaking. Mrs. Eddy would call us to her and talk with us, constantly impressing upon us the seriousness of the undertaking. I recall one night when she sent for the students. When we had assembled, she stood before us with a very solemn face. Then Mr. Frye produced a Bible. She said, “I want each of you to come here to me and place your hand on the Bible and swear before God and the Discoverer of Christian Science that you will not betray your trust, but will continue the work as He directs you to do it.” A more solemn moment I never expect to experience again.  (Chanfrau, Henrietta, Reminiscences of Mary Baker Eddy, p.4)

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