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We know we do reflect Life, Truth and Love, and we are in His image and likeness; hence there is no inaction of mind, no lethargy, no insanity, no stagnation, no hypnotism; evil in none of its claims can penetrate and subtly take possession of the so-called unconscious mortal mind, for there is but one Mind, and that is all-conscious, all-acting, all-motion. Love is never ceasing in its protection, for God is All and there is none beside Him. There is no life, substance, or intelligence in animal magnetism. There is no power nor claims to power in ha­tred, envy, malice, jealousy, revenge, sympathy or fear to me or my friends, or patients through me, for God is Life, Love, Truth, substance, intelligence, Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, omnipo­tent, omniscient, omnipresent, All-in-all.  Mary Baker Eddy  (Carpenter, Gilbert, Essays On Christian Science, p.50)

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