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She also told me about a child, a few years old, whose mother brought him to her, believing him to be dead. He was stretched out stiff in her arms, and she laid him in our Leader’s lap. Mrs. Eddy saw the mother was very much agitated and asked her to leave the little boy with her for a time and to return later. When the mother left them, Mrs. Eddy sat realizing the truth, and after a while she found the child sitting up on her lap, looking into her face. The first thing he said was, “Me is tick” (meaning sick), and Mrs. Eddy said, “No, you are not sick, you are well!” But he repeated several times, “Me is tick,” and he seemed to get very angry and tried to strike her, until she rose and put him down, to stand, while she talked of truth, life and love to him. After a time, when he was submissive, he began to cry and sob bitterly. When she saw that he was yielding to truth, she put him on her lap again and talked lovingly and tenderly to him and comforted him. Soon a knock on the door was heard and she said, “That’s Mama; go and meet her.” He ran towards the door, and as his mother came in, she collapsed, and needed help. What astonished her so much, even more than the fact that he was alive, was that he was walking, as he had never done so before. He had been paralyzed from birth.  (Shannon, Clara, Golden Memories, p.21)

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