ARGUMENT – Mind is infinite, supreme, serene, complete, perfect and forever at peace; all substance, being, action, faculty, influence, power; is already complete and in evidence.  Law is a ceaseless, harmonious restful activity of the infinite, and there is no other law.  This law is the law of this day and every day, and all its activities and duties.  The law of Mind to this day sets aside the belief of fear and doubt, and obliterates the possibility of disease, accident, mistakes, fear, sin and death.  The law of God, of Mind is ceaseless action, presence and infinite protection.  This day is merely a step in infinite progress.  It is unfoldment, not time.  It brings no belief of delay in success, no disappointment.  It adds no fear, no age, no deterioration, no decay, no sin, no materiality, no belief in matter.  It only adds wisdom, power, dominion, law, and the presence of well-done.  My treatment now establishes the law of this day, and obliterates the supposition or belief in any other law.  Principle governs me and mine this day.  This day is unfoldment in which every detail and incident is but an illustration of divine presence, power, and wisdom.   Mary Baker Eddy  (Oakes, Richard, Course In Divinity and General Collectanea, p.66)

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