WATCH – Declare daily, “I am healed, and scientifically healed.”  Christian Science is the victor, and vanquishment is unknown to omnipotent Truth.  I cannot be grieved or disappointed, since God is All and my life is hid with Christ in God.   There is nothing lost.  Mental malpractice cannot reverse my declarations, cannot touch my conscious or unconscious thought, for there are not minds many.  There is only one Mind, divine Mind.

     No aggressive mental suggestion can cause me to forget my duty to God, to our Leader , or to mankind.  Mind is unlimited in its source and supply.  Man’s substance is in Mind, and cannot be impoverished.  There is no poverty, no lack.  Fear is no part of consciousness.  Consciousness is cognizant only of the things of God, good.  There is no reality in discord.  God’s child cannot suffer and be unhappy because God is the only power and He never made anything but love and peace.   Mary Baker Eddy
(Carpenter, Gilbert, Watches, Prayers and Arguments, p.48)

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