There is nothing within me that corresponds with, or responds to, any form of evil.  There is no illusion of poverty.  God made all, owns all there is, and it is good.  I am a joint-heir with Christ, in God, and have my share of everything.  I am exempt from want, loss, lack, or limitation of any kind.  There is no material resistance that can limit me.  “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.”  Abundance cannot lapse into lack, since God is my fountain source of infinite riches and plenty.  I can and do demonstrate the wealth which comes from God with no interruption in its flow.  I am prosperous and successful, kept so by an inexhaustible supply.  There is no mental self-mesmerism.  I have fullness of supply and abundance.  There are no adverse circumstances, no avarice, no greed, no trust in money, nor love of money.  I live in the land of promise.   Mary Baker Eddy  (Carpenter, Gilbert, Watches, Prayers and Arguments, p.49)

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