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JOHN 14:6

            Truth is not an abstract quality but an entity; not an attribute but an entity. What the Latin church expressed by the word personal the Greek church expressed by the word hypostasis. Most of our best commentaries agree in this, that it was not absolutely certain what the exact theologi­cal meaning of the word person was at the time it was first em­ployed.

            The Greek word hypostasis means a basis or substance, and is intended to express the idea that God and the word are not mere attributes, but the subject of attributes.

            While the Scriptures declare the divine Trinity, they also declare the divine unity, Life, Truth, and Love; they can neither be confounded nor divided. Distinct as essentials, they necessari­ly form but one whole; thus understood the subject forms no con­flicting elements of thought.

            Love and Truth are not mere qualities of the divine sub­stance. They are the divine substance itself. The thought or idea is in the mind and yet it is expressed. The mind gives birth to the design it holds in mind, some work of art, a vast edifice; here the idea is the offspring of the mind, the child of the affections.   Mary Baker Eddy   (Carpenter, Gilbert, Essays On Christian Science, p.24)

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