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Do you spend much time on condemning yourself? That is self- murder. Our whole salvation lies in seeing ourselves as God made us, in His likeness, spiritual. If you find yourself beginning to grieve about yourself, refuse to look at it as you would a cut finger you want to heal. The doubts and fears you speak of are doubtless not your thoughts, but the mental suggestions of other minds, whispered into your thought. To all such whisperings answer – ‘I don’t believe you, you are a liar’. ‘Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.’ Only Love can lift you above it all. Love, Love, Love. Let nothing crush you – rise immediately. Love has no poison to impart. The only Mind is Life and Love and purity.   Mary Baker Eddy  (Oakes, Richard, Essays and Bible Lessons, p.77)

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