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Letter to Mrs. Collins written Dec 29, 1890

     The old year is stepping out in storm and shine.  The New Year will have come before you see my face in a locket mailed with this letter.

     Darling, what a joy it will be when we meet face to face in a bodiless bliss, where the face of the Father is reflected in us, and we are all of one family, loving and beloved.

     I was sorry for our dear Annie, but when father or mother forsake, God is nearer, for the joys of sense only becloud the joy of Soul.  I should startle you by a rehearsal of what I experienced in this line, without a fellow mortal to solace me, when I began in the field of Christian Science to sow and water.

     But all these trials enrich the heart and quiet the forbidden pleasures or longings for the things of time and sense.  It is good to be afflicted.  In the world those who are growing away from it, must have tribulation; but knowing that Christ – Truth – hath overcome the world, our dear Master said, “Be not afraid.” 

     He who understood Love could “wait patiently on the Lord,” well knowing that all our “light afflictions” work out for us a mighty joy, a joy imperishable.

     With a bounty of love for our child-hero, sweet Annie, tell her all this and much more.  God is Love.  He careth for her, for you and for me – what more need we?  Yes, the years of our pilgrimage have taught me deep, deep lessons – and high.  O, who can attain unto them except it be through experience!  Mary Baker Eddy   (Carpenter, Gilbert, Collectanea of Items By and About Mary Baker Eddy, p.142)


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