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A student records that Mrs. Eddy, in expressing thanks for a ‘lovely picture’ she had been sent, added that ‘sense, not Soul, is in every line’. She then said: Earth has no joy nor harmony sublime as heaven. Pictures of sense cannot give the bliss of Love, Truth and Life demonstrated. Truth alone casts out animal magnetism. Basking in sense cannot heal the sick. And at another time: Be of good cheer. Mother works with her little one to overcome the tempter’s snare – illusion of sense and earth. The workers faithful to their trust will be counted among the jewels of heaven, tried and true. Is not this goal worthy of all? Forsake ties of sense and He will give you treasures priceless in His Kingdom.   Mary Baker Eddy   (Oakes, RIchard, Essays and Bible Lessons, (Red Book), p.80-81)


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