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Rouse to know your Christ-selfhood in Spirit. Science and Health I2:14. This is your divine right, for the image and likeness of God is the Christ, the infinite idea of Spirit, Mind. Wake right out of this dream. Nobody is hurting you. There is but one Mind and no other to harm you. You cannot relapse for God is All. He does not relapse. You cannot be hypnotized, for Life, Truth and Love is the only Mind or power, or presence upon earth and in heaven and that is not a hypnotizer. You cannot be poi­soned unless you consent, and you will not. You cannot be poi­soned by any lying argument, for a lie is nothing, not even an argument. You cannot die if you try to and not one word that you believe about yourself is true, and you do not believe it.  Mary Baker Eddy   (Carpenter, Gilbert, Essays On Christian Science, p.57)

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