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Spirit is omnipotent; hence a more spiritual Christianity will be one having more power, have perfected in science that most important of all arts, —  healing.  Metaphysical healing, or Christian Science, is a demand of the times: every man and woman would desire it, if they knew its value and firm basis.  the unerring  and fixed principle of all healing is God; and this Principle should be sought from the love of good, the most spiritual and unselfish motives; then, and not until then, will it be understood, and prevent mankind from striking out promiscuously, teaching and practicing in the name of science, without knowing its fundamental, which is Love.  Remember, that the malpractice of the best will produce the worst form of medicine.  Mary Baker Eddy  (CS Journal, Vol I. No. 6, Feb, 1884, p.2)

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