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Thanksgiving Day – 1 

     It was a beautiful group! needing but canvas and the touch of an artist to render it pathetic, tender, gorgeous. Age, on whose hoary head the almond-blossom formed a crown of glory; middle age, in smiles and the full fruition of happiness; infancy, exuberant with joy, – ranged side by side. The sober-suited grandmother, rich in experience, had seen sunshine and shadow fall upon ninety-six years. Four generations sat at that dinner-table. The rich viands made busy many appetites; but, what of the poor! Willingly – though I take no stock in spirit-rappings­ would I have had the table give a spiritual groan for the unfeasted ones.

     Under the skilful carving of the generous host, the mammoth turkey grew beautifully less. His was the glory to vie with guests in the dexterous use of knife and fork, until delicious pie, pudding, and fruit caused unconditional surrender.  (Eddy, Mary Baker, Miscellaneous Writings, p.230:26-15)

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