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The term Mind and body literally means God and man, for man is the expression of Mind, and the manifestation of Mind is the embodiment of Mind — thus the fact that there is but one God. Body is, therefore, the aggregation of spiritual ideas forever governed and controlled by the law of Life, harmonious and eter­nal. It was never born, never had a claim, never suffered, never sinned, and never left heaven. The understanding of perfect body is the Saviour of the belief of body, for it is the law of recov­ery to any and every claim of error. Now Truth hammers error. If you stick to error, you get the hammering. Do not give life to error. It cannot live without a body. God knows I live. I am not in the body and the body cannot talk to me. I love everyone and everyone loves me. Only love can come to me or go from me, for God is Love and I manifest this Love. My idea of God is the answer of Him to me and I to them. God is the only Life; Spirit is the only substance; Love is the only law and now is the only time. I have always known that victory is as certain now as it will be a century hence.  Mary Baker Eddy  (Carpenter, Gilbert, Essays On Christian Science, p.58)

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