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     Is here and now, even as the kingdom of heaven is here and everywhere. God is infinite and God is good, therefore good is infinite, filling all space, time and eternity. There is but one God and there is none besides God, therefore there is no presence, no power apart from God, infinite good. The millennium is not waiting for March, 1899. The glory of God is eternal harmony, and this is the millennial glory, and it is appearing eternally brighter, and its advent in the human sense of this heaven or harmony on earth has long since appeared. And it will continue to appear in proportion to the human acceptance of the spiritual idea of God, man and His universe. The Jewish Sabbaths and new moons have hitherto helped hide the day-star of the eternal dawn. The Christian era ushered it into clearer view, and the Science of Christianity is bringing its full-orbed light, even the day that is not followed by night but liveth in light everlasting; and no night is there, for no matter is there to obscure the light, for Spirit is All and in its own allness, for if Spirit is God and is infinity, there is no matter wherein or whereby Spirit can be hidden or obscured.

     Let us give up Jewish traditions, legends and old wives fables, ceremonies, rites and dogmas, and learn the light of Science, the Mind of God, and allow no human hypotheses to attempt to scale the heights of holiness, the secret of the most High, of the divine Principle that is light, Life, Truth, Love.

     Christmas merriment is but the tinge of an eclipse, the relic of a tradition, for Christ was never born; the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are one in essence and in office. The Father, the divine Principle of being, the Son, the spiritual idea of this Principle, and the Holy Ghost, is Christian Science, the Comforter, leading into all Truth. These three are the triune God, ever-present, infinite, All. This is the monotheism of Christian Science. Let us adhere to it, abide by it, and let it abide in us in the spirit of eternal Truth. Then shall it make us free indeed, unchained to sense, attached to Soul and immortal. Mary Baker Eddy


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