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This Scientist becomes a ruler over all things, for God, good, has made him this. He has no more occasion to doubt the result of his position, for he is working out the purposes of God, good, in the way of His appointing, than he has reason for disputing the supremacy of right and the help­lessness of wrong, or to doubt the superior efficacy of Truth over error in healing the sick — the superior power of Mind over inanimate drugs, unintelligent hygienic laws, and faith in matter being superior to faith in God. He is benefiting himself and the world almost involuntarily. This moral power is as superior for success in business as in healing the sick, destroying disease, its cause and effect, antecedent and subsequent. Which do you prefer for your master, a smart man or a smart God? Mary Baker Eddy (Carpenter, Gilbert, Essays On Christian Science, p.10-11)

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