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To gain entire immunity from suffering and sin, and perfect control over the belief of personal sense, or our bodies, we must be perfect in science; a thing not to be looked for at this period; but if we abate the demands and sufferings of personal sense, on the Principle laid down, it is sufficient for a beginning. In doing this even, it will be found that in science we cannot multiply where we should divide, and the answer be right; that we cannot say to muscles, you have strength, and to nerves, you have sensation, and to matter, you hold sway as well as Spirit, and then control our body, with the opposite Principle of being; we must deny all sensation or Intelligence to matter or the body, with the understanding that Spirit is all that possesses Intelligence, before we can demonstrate in harmony the science of being.  (Eddy, Mary Baker, Science and Health, 1st ed., p.200)


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