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      Now sense says that man and woman are separate. Why? Because it says there is more than one substance. Man is woman and woman is man. We have been leaving so-called man out of the question more or less. We cannot do that. Man is to be redeemed through the woman thought and visibly expressed, else it is not Science. Everything means something. Keep that closely with you. We have perceived, brought out, woman somewhat, but where is man? Now man is woman in reality and I shall lift you up, man, just as far as in my consciousness I can bring my manhood to light. We must find our manhood and through this, man will be taught to find woman­hood; they will be proven one. The way I do, is this. I look about me and see what I am calling man. What do I see? I see crippled, sick, sensual and low types. I see an atmosphere of tobacco and liquor, all forms of pleasure. I say to myself, “This is what I have been accepting as man. “I find the same state more or less of my thought of woman. I cannot stand any longer on my pinnacle of “I am better than thou,” but I must come into the valley and see what I have been calling my manhood and my woman­hood; all this is my consciousness.  Mary Baker Eddy (Carpenter, Gilbert, Essays On Christian Science, p.30)

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