News and Updates

My beloved Students and Christian Scientists:

This year permit me to ask a favor of you, a special token of your love. It is this. Do not send me another material Holiday present, and accept my gratitude for the sweet souvenirs that have already arrived. But give me this gift, the knowledge that you have risen above personality and are giving your good gifts to God; and let me share your joy, this joy, that each year finds us nearer the great heart of Love. MARY B. G. EDDY  (C.S. Journal, Vol. VIII, No.9, p.369)

One thought on “News and Updates

  1. A beautiful and warm statement to nudge her flock away from materiality during this season of celebration (and all the year!), and turn their attention beyond the moment of human personality to the greater truths of God, Love, divine consciousness, and infinite being through the Christ, the true idea of God.

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