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(12/27/03) My beloved Students: May this dear Christmas season be to you a Christ risen, a morn, the break of day. There is nothing jubilant attached to the birth of a mortal – that suffers and pays the penalty of his parents’ misconception of man and of God’s creation. But there is a joy unutterable in knowing that Christ had no birth, no death, and that we may find in Christ, in the true sense of being, life apart from birth, sorrow, sin and death. 0 may your eyes not be holden, but may you discern spiritually what is our Redeemer.

     I thank you, dear ones, for your kind remembrance of me – the most lone and perhaps the most loved and hated of earth! May you watch and pray that you keep the Commandments, and live the Sermon in the Mount this coming year. Watch, too, that you keep the commandments that experience has compelled to be written for your guidance and the safety of Christian Science, in our Church Manual.  Mary Baker Eddy    (Oakes, Richard, Course In Divinity And General Collectanea, p.128)


One thought on “News and Updates

  1. Just love the statement of the Christ having neither birth nor death but is a universal and infinite fact of eternal being, discerned only spiritually. Oh, that man could learn just this one heavenly truth!

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