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Once Mrs. Eddy wrote to the editor of the periodicals, “Sad, sad thought that money regulates the actions of so many students.  Had your Leader been governed thus, Christian Science would have been minus today, instead of overcoming all opposition, ruling and reigning . . . I have worked for all without money or price till God paid me in His own way.  It is safe to go and do likewise.  I left house, home and friends, and I gave up a large salary as a writer, in order to serve the Cause of Christian Science.  I have endured all shame and blame in its behalf, and I have lived these down.”  This is the experience of your Leader.  Are her followers willing to take up their crosses, as she has taken up hers, in order to follow Christ, or do they demand all that they humanly want?   Mary Baker Eddy   (Carpenter, Jr., Gilbert, 500 Watching Points, #169)


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