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What is God? God is Life, Truth, Love. What is man? God’s idea, perfect, made in His image and likeness. How many men are there? One, the perfect man. How many bodies are there? One. How many ideas can there be of this man and body? Just one. Does this idea admit of disease? No. Can that body have a diseased eye? No. Is that eye diseased? No. Then what is the matter? You believe it is diseased. Do you believe this? No. Why? Because you are God’s perfect man — and believe only what is true about man. Then what is this that talks belief and disease? Error. Can error make disease? No. Did it ever do anything? No. Can it ever do anything? No. Has it any power? No. Why has it no power? Because God is all-power. Is there any other power than God? No. Then is error anything? Error is nothing because God created all things — All-in-all.   Mary Baker Eddy    (Carpenter, Gilbert, Collectanea Of Items By and About Mary Baker Eddy, p.145)

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