Every day pray the Lord’s Prayer in the meaning and spirit thereof.

Thy Kingdom is come.  Here ask for the true sense of God and man to come to your understanding and into your affections. Ask for just what you need spiritually.  Ask to be made patient and loving when persecuted.  To be strictly honest speaking the truth and never misrepresenting in even the smallest thing. Ask to be gentle tempered and delivered from all anger or spirit of revenge. Ask for this daily bread to feed you. Under ”forgive my debts as I forgive my debtors” (ask to love your enemies and to forgive them) even as you need God’s dear pardon and deliverance from the condemnation and punishment. Under “Lead me not in temptation etc. (Pray for deliverance from yielding to the influence of mortal mind) either your own or anothers and the recognition of but one Mind.   Keep steadfast to this prayer and thought. Ask to know just how to do good and act wisely in your field of labor and that no sin or sinner can turn you aside from the right way or tempt you to stray.   Mary Baker Eddy     (MBE Library, Advice To Healers, Vol. 2, p.44)

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