My dear Household: —
Tattling is always induced by mesmerism and it shall not go on in this house. Whatever you hear that is likely to cause a quarrel, you tell it to Mr. Dickey and tell it to no one else or I will dismiss you from my employ. The following are the rules that shall govern my whole household:
1. No tattling, telling something about another member of the household or one of my employees.
2. Take up yourself everyday for animal magnetism, that it cannot make you break this rule.
3. Leave me utterly out of your thoughts, except when you have something to do for me. Occupy your thought with Truth and Love, and demand of yourself to have no other mind but God, the divine Mind, and this will govern you aright and then you will love one another.  
Mary Baker Eddy    (MBE Library, Advice To Healers, Vol. 3, p.132)


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