A lie is powerless, it has no effect whatever.  A lie does not harm Mrs. Eddy, she does not feel it.  It has no power; it has no effect; it is nothing whatever.

The Truth is power, is Life; it has in itself all power, all good, all happiness, all blessing.  The truth is that

Mrs. Eddy is not sick; she is not old, nor weak, nor feeble.  She is strong, she is in perfect health and it does her good to walk and to go over rough roads.  She is stronger for it; she is healthier for it; she is better for it; better for overcoming a lie, and knowing the truth, and the truth does make her free.  It makes her healthy and happy.  It takes away all fear and gives her peace, health and life everlasting.


Mary Baker Eddy   (MBE Library, Advice To Healers, Vol. 3, p.138)


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