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     …did not that wise seer forecast the destiny of Truth when he said, the government shall be upon its shoulder, it shall be a marvelous instructor, an omnipotent power, an imperishable Principle? But remember, the Hebrew bard in his grand epic re­ferred not to that little bunch of flesh, phosphate and linen lying in a crib — but to the advent of a spiritual idea, the idea of Life evolved from Spirit, man begotten of the Principle of all being; perfect Mind reflecting perfect Mind, and mind never start­ing from or resulting in matter; Soul not cribbing with beasts; Deity never blending with dust; Spirit untouched by evil passions and mortality. Retaining conscious spiritual existence and enti­ty, the mind of Jesus retained its native domain of mind instead of matter. Hence, the control Jesus exercised over material be­liefs, and the error called mortal man.  Mary Baker Eddy     (Carpenter, Gilbert, Essays On Christian Science, p.14)


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