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         Beloved Students:–Your letter and dottings are an oasis in my wilderness.  They point to verdant pastures, and are already rich rays from the eternal sunshine of Love, lighting and leading humanity into paths of peace and holiness.

      Your “Thanksgiving Day,” instituted in England on

 New Year’s Day, was a step in advance.  It expressed your thanks, and gave to the “happy New Year” a higher hint.  You are not aroused to this action by the allurements of wealth, pride, or power; the impetus comes from above–it is moral, spiritual, divine.  All hail to this higher hope that neither slumbers nor is stilled by the cold impulse of a lesser gain!

       It rejoices me to know that you know that healing the sick, soothing sorrow, brightening this lower sphere with the ways and means of the higher and everlasting harmony, brings to light the perfect original man and universe.  What nobler achievement, what greater glory can nerve your endeavor?  Press on!  My heart and hope are with you.

         “Thou art not here for ease or pain,

          But manhood’s glorious crown to gain.”  (Eddy, Mary Baker, The First Church of Christ, Scientist and Miscellany, 252:18-9)



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