On October 19, 1892 Mrs. Eddy gave two of her students, a “charge which is worthy of the attention of all students, and which, if followed, will make daily demonstrators out of those who heed it, thus sparing them the folly of functioning under the human mind, while imagining that they are reflecting God:

     “The first thing in the morning call on God to deliver you from temptation and help you to be awake.  Then do your chores, not as a dreamy hashish eater, but with a clear sense of what to do and just how to do it.  Then sit down and first get yourself into

consciousness of your power with God, and then take up the outside watch.  Sit until this is clear if it takes two hours.”  Mary Baker Eddy     (Carpenter, Gilbert, Five Hundred Watching Points, p. 93, #195)

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